Val di Sogno® awaits you!
Reopening Easter 2022

Breakfast with a lake view

Lake Garda lies at our hotel's feet

There is a proverb that says: “A good morning starts with a smile.” Here, on the shores of Lake Garda, a good morning automatically starts with one. You wake up full of energy and a delicious breakfast already awaits. The only way that gets even better, is if you enjoy a cappuccino, freshly baked brioches and other delicacies at Val di Sogno® on our panorama terrace when the sun is shining.

A fresh start

Can you smell that? That delicious scent of just brewed coffee in the morning really gets your appetite going. There are so many exquisite and local products for you to try. Given this much choice, even something as simple as breakfast becomes a true paradise of flavours. Sweet treats are lined up with hearty delicacies. Pamper your taste buds and celebrate the day the Italian way.

Delicious temptations

Interpretation of authentic tastes

Aperitivo & Cocktails
Aperitivo & Cocktails
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