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It is possible to check availability and rates on your own, directly from our search system, without having to book right now. Click on BOOKING here at the bottom right, enter the arrival and departure dates in the white box at the top left in the box YOUR SEARCH, click at the bottom on the blue box CHECK AVAILABILITY and you will see the updated list of rooms still available with their description, pictures, services and rates conditions. The possibilities of research are endless.

For an eco-sustainable holiday

Committed to environmental protection

Every morning we are blessed to wake up in an enchanting natural setting, which we want to preserve for the future as well. With commitment and with the firm conviction that environmentally conscious tourism is possible, we favour local production, prefer renewable resources and implement the following ecological measures on a daily basis. 

  • 20 solar panels of 2x1 m for the production of domestic hot water
  • 14.8 kWh photovoltaic system to supplement our electrical grid
  • Low temperature ozone washing system for towels, bathrobes and sheets to reduce the use of water and electricity (two rinses less)
  • Water-based cleaners
  • Low environmental impact cooling/heating system with Robur GAHP-AR heat pump
  • Intelligent management of electricity peaks with Veerbo's KillerWatt system
  • We value short and eco-sustainable supply chains and ask suppliers for quality certifications
  • We prefer sustainable and environment friendly materials for our renovations
Together is better!

Here are some small but effective daily gestures that make a difference in terms of respecting water and energy resources..  For a more sustainable tourism, for a cleaner planet. Thank you for your co-operation!


  • Turn off the lights when possible, taking advantage of the natural light that comes through the windows
  • Unplug electronic devices after charging is completed
  • Do not overdo with the air conditioning, which can be harmful to your health
  • If possible, use the towels more than once before requesting a change
  • Reduce the amount of time you let the water run from the faucet and bidet
  • Don’t use the shower longer than necessary
  • If you notice any leaks, promptly notify the reception staff